Carbon Coating Room

Cressington High Vacuum Turbo Carbon Coater 208c

Tiltable rotating stage and extended glass housing

Blunt and hand-milled carbon pieces

Carbon pieces mounted in carbon coater’s Bradley source

Uncoated sample and brass reference disk

Coated sample and brass reference disk (blue = 25 nm = 250 angstroms)

The goal for carbon coating of samples is to get a thickness of 25 nm (250 angstroms), which is recommended for EPMA at 15-20 keV. In general, thickness is estimated based on the color of the polished brass reference disk using the following correlations:

                                                                                     15      orange

                                                                                    20      redish purple

                                                                                    25      blue

                                                                                    30      bluish green

                                                                                    35      green blue

                                                                                    40      pale green

                                                                                    45      silver gold